BMAN70391 : Managing Projects

Credit rating 15
Teaching period(s) Semester 1

To introduce students to the fundamental concepts, processes, tools and techniques employed in project management practice and critically apply and assess these in real-world situations. 

Objectives (Learning outcomes)

Academic Knowledge and Understanding

  • Understand the fundamental principles and processes available for supporting the management of projects;
  • Understand the issues associated with project management practices;
  • Understand what skills are required to effectively manage projects.

Intellectual Skills

  • Identify and apply appropriate concepts and frameworks in the analysis of a project situation;
  • Critically analyse and assess a project situation and make recommendations for improvement;
  • Undertake critical research of project management issues in a rigorous manner.

Subject Practical Skills

  • Define, design, plan, execute, terminate and develop a project and its management in a wide range of work contexts.

Transferable Skills

  • Development of communication, organisational, managerial, team building, leadership and coping skills.
Assessment methods

Individual assessment, quiz (15%)

Individual assessment, 3000 word essay (85%)

Informal Contact Methods
Office Hours
Online Learning Activities (blogs, discussions, self-assessment questions)
Course unit overview

Project management practices are becoming increasingly important to organisations across sectors. Project and programmes are the main vehicles by which organisations (public and private) embark on deliberate and proactive change and through which organisations can achieve their strategic goals. For example projects and programmes provide facilities to enable operations, information systems to support operations, and infrastructure to enable supply chains. In other words, project and programmes create new value. This course will explore this value creation process aiming to develop a critical understanding of the principles and practice of managing projects. The course is structured along five organisational themes: Strategy, structure, processes, capabilities and incentives; which we will explore across the project lifecycle.


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Timetable Lectures - 30 hours
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