Introduction to Business Information Systems

Unit code : BMAN21061
Credit rating : 10
Teaching period(s) : Semester 1

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Information Systems (IS) are at the heart of every business and pervade almost every aspect of our lives. This course unit is designed as an introduction to the subject of Information Systems and their role in business organisations. Information Systems are treated in this course within the context of the social sciences, offering students a management and organisational perspective on the role of IS in business and how they are managed. This one semester course is not technically –orientated but designed to show how information systems are conceived, designed, implemented and managed in contemporary organisations. We will adopt a process approach in the course unit.

Objectives (Learning outcomes)

On completion of this course, successful students will have:
- Familiarity with much of the terminology of IS
- Insight into the role of IS in organisations 
- Knowledge of the major types of IS in organisations
- Knowledge of several case studies in IS development and implementation
- Awareness of the risks and challenges of developing IS in organisations
- Ability to evaluate concepts critically and apply them to problems.

Assessment methods

10% online test
90% final exam (2 hrs)

For semester 1 exchange students (attending for 1 semester only) admitted via the Alliance Manchester Business School International Office and taking this course as BMAN20761, the assessment will be a10% online test and  90% individual essay (2000 words).


Length of course: 12  weeks

Pre-requisites: None

Co-requisites: None

Dependent course units: BMAN30151 Advanced Business Information Systems

Programme Restrictions:
Students on the BA (Econ) programme may take this course unit if it is listed on their programme structure.

Available as a free choice option to students who have received prior agreement from their registering School.

BMAN21061 is available to study abroad and exchange students admitted through The University of Manchester International Programmes Office.


For Academic Year 2017/18

Updated: March 2017

Approved by: March UG Committee

Course unit overview

The first part of the course looks at the transformations in contemporary organisations and the strategic and operational decisions in managing IS in organisations. In particular, we shall see how some organisations have centred themselves around their information systems and highlight critical issues in the debates regarding the use of information technologies in organisations including the competitive advantage they may provide. The second part of the course provides a view of state-of-the-art enterprise systems applications, and social networking and Web 2.0 tools and discusses how they are integrated into business life and used to improve organisational performance. The third part focuses on green IS/IT and green business practices and sustainability.

Teaching staff
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Assessment written exam - 2 hours
Lectures - 20 hours
Practical classes & workshops - 4 hours

Teaching and learning methods

20 hours of lectures and 4 hours of workshops over the duration of the course.

Total study hours: 100 hours split between lectures, classes, self study and preparation for classes, coursework and examinations.

Informal Contact Methods
1. Office Hours
2. Online Learning Activities (blogs, discussions, self assessment questions)