The Question of Palestine/Israel (1882-1967)

Unit code : MEST10042
Credit rating : 20
Teaching period(s) : Semester 2

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On successful completion of this course participants should have developed;

(1) skills for critical analysis of one of the world’s most covered political conflicts;

(2) general understanding of main processes in the formation of the 20th Century Middle East;

(3) foundational ability to apply the acquired knowledge to broader Middle Eastern histories as well as to regional and meta-regional themes (such as the phenomenon of modern nationalism).

Objectives (Learning outcomes)

On completion of this unit successful participants should;

(1) reach a primary level of factual knowledge in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict;

(2) be able to discuss and analyse the development of the conflict;

(3) comprehend the principal narratives of its protagonists involved and

(4) be able to comment in an informed manner on a range of controversies surrounding this conflict.

The foundational knowledge acquired is essential for any position in the private or public sector that deals with Israel/Palestine and helpful for any work that relates to the Middle East due to the centrality of the question to the region.

Assessment methods
Moshe Behar:Unit coordinator
Written exam:60%
Written assignment (inc essay):40%

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Course unit overview

This course unit provides an introduction to causes, consequences and controversies associated with the emergence, development and consolidation of the conflict in Palestine/Israel from 1882 until the 1967 war.

Teaching staff
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Assessment written exam - 2 hours
Lectures - 22 hours
Tutorials - 11 hours

Teaching and learning methods

2 hours lectures per week

1 hour seminar per week

Primary sources and lecture notes are in blackboard