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Year 1
Code(s) Course Unit Title Credits
BMAN10001 Economic Principles 10
BMAN10011 Fundamentals of Management 10
BMAN10101 Marketing Foundations 10
BMAN10252 Fundamentals of Technological Change 10
BMAN10501 Financial Reporting 10
BMAN10512 Introductory Management Accounting 10
BMAN10522 Financial Decision Making 10
BMAN10522M Financial Decision Making M 10
BMAN10552 Fundamentals of Finance 10
BMAN10612 Business Economics 10
BMAN10621A Fundamentals of Financial Reporting A 10
BMAN10621B Fundamentals of Financial Reporting B 10
BMAN10621M Fundamentals of Financial Reporting 10
BMAN10632 Fundamentals of Management Accounting 10
BMAN10632M Fundamentals of Management Accounting M 10
BMAN10690 Integrative Team Project 20
BMAN10721 Business and Academic Skills 10
BMAN10750 Quantitative Methods for Accounting and Finance 20
BMAN10760 Auditing & Professional Accounting Practice I 20
BMAN10780 Academic and Career Development 10
BMAN10862 Case Studies in Management 10
BMAN10872 Introduction to Work Psychology 10
BMAN10901 Law in a Management Context 10
BMAN10931 Financial and Digital Innovations in International Business 20
BMAN10952 Business Database Design & Development 10
BMAN10960 Quantitative Methods for Business and Management 20
BMAN10970 Introduction to Management and Organisation Studies 20
BMAN10982 Information Systems in Business and Introduction to Big Data and their Manipulation 20
BMAN10991 Professionalism and Leadership in Global Labour Markets 10
BMAN11000 Interactive Web Application Design and Development 20
MCEL10001 Exploring Enterprise 10
MCEL10002 Entrepreneurial Skills 10
MCEL10012 Enterprise and Innovation for Scientists 10

Year 2
Code(s) Course Unit Title Credits
BMAN20072 Investment Analysis 10
BMAN20081 Financial Statement Analysis 10
BMAN20242 Introduction to Corporate Finance and Financial Instruments 10
BMAN20271 Consumer Behaviour 10
BMAN20610 American Society and Economy 20
BMAN20781 Strategy, Organisation and Competition 10
BMAN20792 Technology, Strategy and Innovation 1 10
BMAN20811 Managing Business Operations 10
BMAN20812 Business Strategy 10
BMAN20821 New Product Development and Innovation 10
BMAN20832 Marketing 10
BMAN20842 Organisations and Employment 10
BMAN20881 Professional Accounting Practice 10
BMAN21011 Financial Markets and Institutions 10
BMAN21012 Global Contexts of Business and Management 10
BMAN21020 Financial Reporting and Accountability 20
BMAN21040 Intermediate Management Accounting 20
BMAN21061 Introduction to Business Information Systems 10
BMAN22000 Firms and Management in Comparative Perspective 20
BMAN22061 Managing Projects 20
BMAN23000 Foundations of Finance A 20
BMAN23000A Foundations of Finance A 20
BMAN23000B Foundations of Finance B 20
BMAN24042 Business Law 1: Law, Business Liabilities and the Consumer 10
BMAN24052 Business Law 2: Law and the Modern Corporation in an International Context 10
BMAN24091 Understanding Financial Crises: Competing Perspectives 20
BMAN24102 Mergers & Acquisitions: Financial Perspectives 10
BMAN24111 Principles of Taxation 10
BMAN24132 International Business Strategy 10
BMAN24141 Critical Perspectives in Strategy 10
BMAN24202 Trends in Digital Business Technology 10
BMAN24241 Creativity, Design & Entrepreneurship 20
BMAN24251 Digital Business and Social Media 20
BMAN24261 Ethical Business 20
BMAN24271 Globalization & Employment 20
BMAN24281 Marketing Management 20
BMAN24291 Operations Management and Strategy 20
BMAN24301 User Experience Design 10
BMAN24312 International Business 20
BMAN24322 Business Data Analytics 20
BMAN24332 Employment Relations and Human Resource Management 20
BMAN24352 Marketing Communications in the Digital Age 20
BMAN24362 Personnel Selection and Talent Management 20
BMAN24372 Sustainable Business 20
BMAN24380 Business Analysis 20
BMAN24390 Digital Strategy, Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics 20
BMAN24400 Integrative Team Project 2 20
BMAN24410 Research Methodology 20
BMAN24421 Macroeconomics 20
BMAN24431 Economic Analysis I: Firm Market and the Economy 20
BMAN24442 Foundations of Strategy and Innovation 20
BMAN24492 Foundations of Strategy 10
BMAN24501 Chinese Business 10
BMAN24511 Chinese Business - SALC students only 20
BMAN24521 Organisations and Employment 10
BMAN24542 Business Intelligence 10
MCEL20011 Sustainable Commercial Development 10

Year 3
Code(s) Course Unit Title Credits
BMAN30010 Management of Knowledge and Innovation 20
BMAN30021 Marketing 10
BMAN30022 Strategy 10
BMAN30030 Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting and Regulation 20
BMAN30042 Human Resource Management 10
BMAN30060 International Finance 20
BMAN30071 Share Prices and Accounting Information 10
BMAN30091 Financial Derivatives 10
BMAN30111 Advanced Corporate Finance 20
BMAN30131 Accountability and Auditing 10
BMAN30151 Advanced Business Information Systems 10
BMAN30180 Consultancy Project 40
BMAN30190 Empirical Finance 40
BMAN30202 Case Studies in Digital Transformation 10
BMAN30211 Corporate Governance in Context 10
BMAN30242 Financial Engineering 10
BMAN30702 Corporate Contracting and Managerial Behaviour 10
BMAN30732 Business IT Architecture 10
BMAN30982 Project Organizations: Management & Strategy 10
BMAN31000 Financial Analysis of Corporate Performance 40
BMAN31040 Advanced Management Accounting 20
BMAN31051 International and Comparative Public Management 10
BMAN31090 Comparative Industrial Relations 20
BMAN31111 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development 10
BMAN31131 Managerial Decision Making & Support Systems 10
BMAN31152 Decision Analysis for Business & Management 10
BMAN31201 Technology Strategy and Innovation 2 10
BMAN31212 Investment Economics and Innovation 10
BMAN31260 ITMB Final Year Project 40
BMAN31302 Marketing Strategy 20
BMAN31312 Services Marketing Management 20
BMAN31350 Transformational Leadership: Work, Industry and Society 40
BMAN31391 The Economics of Sport 10
BMAN31410 Employment Law 20
BMAN31420 Global Management, People and the Digital Divide 20
BMAN31430 Human Resource Management 20
BMAN31451 Foundations of Supply Chain Management 10
BMAN31461 Retail Marketing 20
BMAN31492 Strategic Supply Chain Management 10
BMAN31500 Dissertation 40
BMAN31550 Leadership & Success at Work 20
BMAN31561 Modelling of Dynamic Business Systems 10
BMAN31571 Big Data, Information Management and Business Analytics 10
BMAN31581 International Marketing 10
BMAN31592 IT in Business Strategy 10
BMAN31610 Corporate Financial Communication and Valuation 40
BMAN31621 Critical Consumption & Ethics in Marketing 10
BMAN31631 Organisational Change and Transformation in the 21st Century 20
BMAN31652 Equality and Fairness at Work 20
BMAN31661 Globalisation and National Employment Systems 10
BMAN31672 International Human Resource Management 10
BMAN31681 Management in Practice 20
BMAN31722 Macroeconomics Analysis 10
BMAN31731 Behavioural Strategy 10
BMAN31752 Consumers and Markets 10
BMAN31762 Wicked Problems: Clumsy Solutions - Leadership in Healthcare 20
BMAN31772 Towards 2050: Management & Managing in an Age of Transitions 10
BMAN31781 The Business of Health Care 10
BMAN31792 Financial Market Microstructure 10
BMAN31842 People Management and Change 10
BMAN31851 Not-for-Profit and Social Marketing 10
BMAN31871 Comparative Industrial Relations 20
BMAN31881 Economic Analysis II: Corporate Development, Growth and Strategy 20
BMAN31891 Global Management, People and the Digital Divide 20
BMAN31901 Human Resource Strategy and Practice 20
BMAN31911 Innovation and Markets 10
BMAN31921 Leadership and Success at Work 20
BMAN31942 Advanced Sustainability 10
BMAN31952 Digital Economy: Platforms, AI and The Business 20
BMAN31962 Employment Law 20
BMAN31972 Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing 20
BMAN31982 International and Comparative Human Resource Management 20
BMAN31992 International Competitiveness and Innovation 20
BMAN33000 International Business Analysis Project 20
MCEL30001 Tools and Techniques for Enterprise 10
MCEL30002 Tools & Techniques for Enterprise 10
MCEL30011 Advanced Technology Enterprise 10
MCEL30012 Advanced Technology Enterprise 10
MCEL30022 Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development 10
MCEL30031 Enterprise Management for Computer Scientists 10
MCEL30032 Managing Finance in Enterprises for Computer Scientists 10
MCEL30051 Enterprise Strategy and Marketing 10
MCEL30052 Enterprise Feasibility 10
MCEL30072 Cases in Sustainable Development 10
MCEL30082 Enterprise in Healthcare 20
MCEL30091 Cases in Sustainable Development 10

Year 4
Code(s) Course Unit Title Credits
MCEL40001 Advanced Technology Enterprise 15
MCEL40002 Advanced Technology Enterprise 15
MCEL40011 Advanced Technology Enterprise for EEE 15
MCEL40031 Enterprise Strategy and Marketing 15
MCEL40042 Business Feasibility Study 15